Wondering How Do They Make Decaffeinated Coffee?

Wondering how do they make decaffeinated coffee? One of the primary reasons people drink coffee is to wake up. Whether in the morning or during an exhausting workday. When you drink decaffeinated coffee, however, you …

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What Are Espresso Drinks?-What Coffee Lovers Drink

what are espresso drinks

What are espresso drinks? Espresso is the base of many enjoyable drinks.

Espresso is a small strong drink using finely ground coffee and high-pressure water.

One part that can’t miss is the crema, the top layer.

You can have a whole post on crema. It’s that top little brown part that looks almost caramelized that has its properties and flavors.

Flat White vs Latte: Ending the Debate

flat white vs latte

Espresso, latte, cappuccino, Americano—these are only some of the most popular coffee blends we love getting from coffee shops or making at home. Either one of these blends is a great way to jumpstart your …

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Macchiato vs Cappuccino: Bold or Light Flavor?

macchiato vs cappuccino

For most people, drinking coffee has become a well-loved habit. Every single day involves either brewing their own cup or going to their favorite coffee shop to get their fix. Some don’t even need to …

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Breve vs Latte: Which Is More Enticing?

breve vs latte

A visit to your favorite coffee shop almost always guarantees to see a latte on the menu. As one of the most popular espresso drinks worldwide, it is something that even casual coffee drinkers would …

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How To Make Pour-Over Coffee Beyond Pour-Over?

how to make pour over coffee

However, many of us want to level up our home brewing game by exploring methods other than a standard pour-over or drip coffee.

Plenty of coffee brewing methods offer different taste profiles that can completely alter the same bag of beans you’ve had in your house for the last two weeks.

Change your home set up by trying these five brewers:

Is Caffeine Bad For You?

a high quality coffee bean

The answer to “is caffeine bad for you?” is a mixed bag of myths and facts.

If you are a regular caffeine consumer, you’ll enjoy finding out some facts you didn’t know about, and some fascinating myths.

Coffee Myths: Robusta vs Arabica

robusta vs arabica

There is a seeming pervasive idea that when it comes to Robusta vs Arabica, Arabica is better than Robusta.

It’s kind of an assumption that Arabica is the end all be all of the coffee plants.

There’s kind of a consensus idea in the coffee world that Arabica is the “good one” and Robusta, which a “sister” species is the “lesser half.”