Breve vs Latte: Which Is More Enticing?

A visit to your favorite coffee shop almost always guarantees to see a latte on the menu.

As one of the most popular espresso drinks worldwide, it is something that even casual coffee drinkers would recognize.

On the other hand, while breve or caffe breve is a beverage that you don’t see as often, it would give you a welcome surprise.

For most coffee enthusiasts, a breve vs latte comparison will undoubtedly be very interesting.

Both are on the creamier spectrum of coffee blends, but how do they differ from each other?

Understanding the Basics

Breve and latte are both popular drinks in the United States. People who want to jump-start their day usually drink a cup or two before they go to work.

Before we dissect every similarity and difference between latte and breve, let’s take a closer look at the main characteristics of both.


A classic latte is a very common option when you visit a coffee shop. In fact, it is usually the go-to option for people who are not familiar with other coffee mixes.

A latte requires just two ingredients—espresso and steamed milk.

The espresso shots would sit at the bottom, a large amount of steamed milk will be added at the middle, and a flat layer of foam is placed at the top.

Lattes can be served in various sizes ranging from six to 20 ounces.

The size usually depends on the coffee shop, but these are the standard sizes that most baristas are familiar with.

Unlike other coffee beverages, lattes are full of milk. However, it would retain most of the espresso flavor and ensure that the milk does not overpower it.

The best thing about lattes is that you can add other flavors to it if you want. Adding caramel, hazelnut, and more can provide a different twist to your coffee.


Many of you are probably wondering what is a breve drink.

If you’re not from the United States, it would be very confusing because this coffee beverage is an Americanized version of a cappuccino.

In fact, you can say that breve is just cappuccino with a twist.

Just like a latte, breve also has two ingredients. It is made from espresso and half-and-half.

Half-and-half is a blend or combination of half light cream and half whole milk.

It contains around 10 to 12 percent fat, so if you don’t mind adding extra fats to your drink, this is a perfect choice.

Compared to steamed milk, you cannot whip half-and-half, but it brings a unique taste and a lot of richness to espresso.

Breve vs Latte: The Comparison

If you are still confused about latte and breve, here is a short comparison to help you figure out which one would fit your taste.


Among the similarities between latte vs breve is the number of ingredients in their recipe.

In a nutshell, you’ll find that they both use espresso and milk, but they use different kinds of milk.

A latte uses steamed milk to provide a rich and creamy flavor to the espresso. On the other hand, breve uses half-and-half, which is half whole milk and half cream.

In terms of richness and creaminess, breve is definitely at the top.

Milk Foam

Both breve and latte use milk foam, but they are different when it comes to the amount put at the top of the cup.

A latte focuses on the steamed milk in the middle, and you can expect only a light milk foam at the top.

As for breve, there is lots of milk foam at the top.

This milk foam adds to the creaminess of breve and complements the half-and-half in the middle.


In terms of popularity, more people know about the latte.

No matter where you are in the world, you will find different types of lattes served in most coffee shops.

Even the world-famous café Starbucks has a wide range of amazing lattes on their menu.

Breve is not as popular as lattes. Since it is derived from a more popular Italian coffee blend, most people consider it a type of cappuccino.

While it is widespread around the United States and other countries, compared to latte, it still needs more recognition.

breve vs latte

More Syrups and Flavors?

With how breve is prepared and the type of milk used, you can add syrups and exciting flavors to it if you want.

However, it would contradict the coffee’s creaminess and provide an unusual taste that not many will like.

There are specific flavors that you can add to breve, but it is not as good as lattes.

Lattes are known for their flexibility when it comes to flavors. You can add caramel, hazelnuts, and more to give it a unique twist.

Cold Drinks

Latte is a popular choice because it can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference.

However, you need to keep in mind that cold latte would be made differently.

If you are used to a hot latte, you should expect that a cold latte would have many additives.

In contrast, breve is only ever served hot. It is not really made into a cold drink because of the ingredients used.

Latte vs Breve: FAQs

1. What is a breve coffee?

So, what is a breve drink, really?

A breve coffee is an American version of cappuccino, but the ingredients and the preparation are completely different.

It was only compared with latte because they both use two ingredients.

It is a creamier version of the cappuccino.

However, instead of equal portions of the ingredients, breve has a half-and-half milk composition that gives it a richer taste.

2. Which of the two has more caffeine?

You might think that latte has more caffeine because the espresso flavor is more pronounced.

In truth, though, breve and latte both use two shots of espresso. This means that they have the same amount of caffeine.

3. Which is healthier?

In terms of calorie and fat content, a latte is definitely the healthier option.

Since breve is made from half whole milk and half light or heavy cream, the calorie and cholesterol content can go through the roof.

You should also take note that half-and-half will not double in size when it is frothed.

As a result, whatever you are drinking with the espresso is full of calories and cholesterol.

Breve is a good choice of coffee from time to time. As long as you don’t drink it on a regular basis, you won’t have any issues with your health.

Latte can be a good choice if you need a healthy dose of caffeine every day.

4. Can you use steamed milk on breve?

Originally, half whole milk and half light or heavy cream are used to make a breve.

If you use steamed milk, it will turn into a latte with more milk foam. The taste would be similar to a latte, as well.

The main difference between the two is the type of milk used.

5. Can you use heavy cream for breve?


Although most baristas prefer using light cream, some would rather use heavy cream. This gives the drink a creamier taste and texture.

The combination of milk and cream will give that extra richness that some people want from their coffee.

Although latte is milky, it doesn’t have any cream that would change the drink’s consistency.


When choosing between breve vs latte, more people would probably pick latte because of the obvious advantages it has over the other.

It is the healthier option, after all, so you can drink it regularly without damaging your health.

Still, even after knowing what is a breve coffee, you cannot just put it aside because it is a somewhat unhealthy option.

Drinking it once in a while would be considered a treat since it is definitely more delicious than a latte.

No matter what type of coffee you chose in the end, it will always depend on your own preference. Now, you can make an informed decision when choosing between the two.

You might even want to try recreating your own drink at home. After all, as long as you have a good-quality espresso machine at arm’s reach, nothing is impossible.

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