Should You Be Drinking Coffee Before Workout?

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It is not surprising that coffee is such a popular beverage, and millions of people worldwide drink it, making it the second most traded product in the world.

But what about the health benefits of this wonder drink, does the black gold we all love so much hide in it benefits for physical activity, fitness, and healthy lifestyle management?

Americano vs. Black Coffee, The Battle of The Blacks

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Black coffee has been part of the american culture for many years, you can find many artist who wrote songs, literature, plays and film including Black Coffee (1931 film), a British detective film based on Agatha Christie’s play.

If of history we are speaking, and since americano is black coffee, and it is an espresso-based drink we’re going back in history to 1884 when the first espresso machine was patented by Angelo Moriondo from Turin.

Will Coffee Boost Your Metabolism?

improving metabolism

By Cumba Gowri  For years, coffee is what athletes and regular people used to boost performance and enhance fatigue resistance. But will coffee boost your metabolism? The answer is YES–and this effect occurs by several mechanisms. There’s a logic behind including caffeine in many popular fat …

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Roast Your Own Coffee Beans The Easy Way

roast your own coffee beans

Being a serious coffee drinker, you can appreciate the delicate flavor of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The smell alone is intoxicating. Buying coffee in restaurants and coffee shops can turn into a pretty expensive habit. Even buying bags of roasted beans is costly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could roast your own coffee beans?

How Do They Make Decaffeinated Coffee? Introduction to a Fascinating Process.

Wondering how do they make decaffeinated coffee? One of the primary reasons people drink coffee is to wake up. Whether in the morning or during an exhausting workday. When you drink decaffeinated coffee, however, you will have a totally different experience. Without caffeine, the effect …

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How to Use a Coffee Grinder: Essential Steps and Tips

how to use a coffee grinder

Have you recently started grinding coffee beans to brew your cup of Joe? Why does it still taste so average, and sometimes, even bitter? Well, that’s because you have been doing it all wrong. Grinding coffee beans isn’t as easy as grinders make it look …

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