Pour-Over vs. Drip Coffee

pour-over vs.drip coffee

The result of this new wave of coffee consumption is many specialty brewing methods like pour-over coffee to supplement the classic methods like drip coffee.

Today, we’ll highlight some core differences between these brewing methods. See if you fancy experimenting at home.

What Is Coffee? From Cherry to Bean.

what is coffee? from cherry to bean

Coffee cherries are drupes (stone fruit), but unlike more familiar drupes such as peaches and apricots, they are grown for their seeds (coffee beans) rather than for their flesh.

Each cherry usually contains two coffee beans. According to the National Coffee Association, a single coffee tree produces about 10 pounds of coffee cherries a year, which equals about 2 pounds of green coffee beans.

Turkish Coffee How to Make?

Turkish coffee how to make

Turkish coffee is much thicker and more robust than the regular coffee we drink. You can use any type of beans, including arabica, which is considered best, but robusta or a blend would be fine. The beans must be ground to a very fine powder, which is left at the bottom of your coffee cup when served.

Use Only Good Quality Coffee Beans

a high quality coffee bean

It’s crucial to start with a high quality coffee bean. Espresso machines of the best quality and proper techniques can only do so much.​

How to Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar

how to sweeten coffee without sugar

Are you looking for ways to lessen your sugar intake? One of the easiest places to start is by looking at your regular cup of joe.  Most of us have a coffee routine. But if that routine involves several packets of sugar or sweetened flavors …

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