Discover the Advantages of Using Fresh Ground Coffee Beans

Do you find it hard to start your day without a hot cup of coffee? Have you ever wondered how it could be even better with fresh ground coffee beans?

Coffee delivers a number of health benefits. It can help improve your energy levels and burn fat faster. Coffee can put you in a better mood and improve your vigilance.

This fine beverage can even protect you against diseases such as cancer, depression, and diabetes.

Yet coffee drinkers may not be getting the full benefits from each cup if they’re not using freshly ground beans. 

Here’s why you should give griding a try.

1. Ideal Oxidation

The delicious smell and taste of your morning beverage come from the complex compounds in your coffee beans. These compounds include carbohydrates and hydrocarbons. When they interact with air molecules, the flavor of your coffee is released

When you grind your coffee, a process called oxidation immediately begins.

Coffee that has been processed will have lost much of its flavor before you open the container.

Grinding your own coffee beans in a coffee grinder, however, will help you get a maximum taste and coffee-drinking experience.

2. Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide brings your coffee’s oils into the coffee itself. It’s critical for bringing out the taste and smell of your coffee. 

When beans are ground, there is more surface area for the carbon dioxide to escape before you drink it.

If you let your ground beans sit for days, they will lose most of their carbon dioxide. If, however, your beans are freshly ground, the right amount of flavor will seep into your drink, giving you a delicious cup of coffee every time.

3. Making Your Coffee Special

When you purchase freshly ground beans, you have greater control over the size of the grind, which will, in turn, influence your coffee’s flavor.

The finer your bean is ground, for example, the easier it is for the water to extract the flavors. Finer grinds are best for making coffee like espresso.

If you are cold-brewing, coarse grinds work best. Medium-fine grinds are perfect for vacuum pots and coffee drippers.

Of course, much of this will also depend upon your individual tastes. Coffee connoisseurs know the importance of being able to select the best grinds for their coffees.

4. Cleaner Cups of Joe

Other smells in your kitchen or refrigerator can impact the taste of your coffee. This is especially true with the delicate oils of ground coffee.

Freshly ground coffees keep your coffee-drinking experience pure and free from impurities like a taste of last night’s sloppy joe.

Freshly ground beans will also stay fresher longer.

5. Moisture Matters

Coffee oil is actually soluble in water, which is how we get that wonderful taste and smell.

When coffee is exposed to the outside air, however, the moisture can dilute the coffee beans and degrade the taste. Freshly ground beans retain their moisture longer.

Finding the Finest Ground Coffee Beans

There are many wonderful coffee beans out there. And with the right coffee grinder, you may find yourself with a morning routine you can’t wait to start.

Some of the most popular coffee beans classified as either Arabica or Robusta. Arabica beans are longer and they have a sweeter, more intense flavor.

Many Arabica beans come from Ethiopia and Columbia. They may also come from India, Kenya, or Brazil.

High-quality Arabica beans might have hints of chocolate, nuts, or caramel flavor. There may also be a slight acidity. Cold-brewing Arabica beans can bring out their flavor even more.

Robusta beans do not require the special conditions that Arabica beans need in order to grow. They adapt to weather and temperature changes easily. These beans are round and they have a bitter flavor.

Robusta beans have less sugar and more caffeine than Arabica. They are also less expensive and have lower acidity.

Robusta beans are grown in African and Indonesia. They are produced predominantly in Latin America, in countries like Brazil.

Choosing Your Roast

If you are new to the world of coffee beans, you may be wondering which roast is best for you. The answer will depend entirely upon your preferences and the type of coffee you’re making.

You may, for example, be partial to the classic American roast. These are an intense brown color, but the oils do not stay on the surface of the beans. American roasts have a bitter taste.

Coffee beans with a French roast have a dark chocolate color. The flavor is bitter and tart.

Italian roasts are so dark that they are almost black. They have a deep flavor that is perfect for those who like bitter coffee.

Vienna roast beans are dark and shiny. Yet the coffee has a sweeter flavor.

You will also be able to choose the flavor of your coffee beans in many grocery stores and gourmet shops. Vanilla, orange, and Irish whiskey are just a few flavors you can sample.

These flavors come from chemicals and will detract from the natural flavor of the coffee bean. However, many people enjoy them. 

As you can see, coffee preferences are as unique as the drinkers. You should choose the cup that wakes you up and helps you step into the day with excitement and hope.

Get Drinkin’

Ground coffee beans enhance coffee’s benefits by maximizing its flavor and aromas. Choose the right bean for you, and you may never go back to pre-ground coffee again.

For more information on grinding fresh coffee beans, contact us today.

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