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If your goal is to recreate that one coffee that you can never forget? Or you're not sure where to start. Brewing Java has you covered.

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Hi, my name is Shlomo 

I started my coffee journey by buying a birthday present for my better half, Lynn. On this day, I stumbled upon this magnificent looking espresso machine at Treasure Island (a great grocery store) in Chicago. That’s right, I bought her a coffee machine which she never used.

This machine was sitting on our kitchen counter-top until I decided to put it to good use. Unknown to me, I also picked my brewing method, which I have stuck to since then.

As a coffee lover and home coffee brewer who has explored coffee for the last 30+ years, I don’t make assumptions about your coffee knowledge, budget, or level of passion.

Instead, I realize that as a coffee enthusiast, you are on a journey and that you will need to figure out what stage you are at and make coffee decisions that reflect that.
This site explores the full gamut of coffee know how and offers guidance, perspective, practical advice, and a healthy dose of my own opinion to help you make those decisions and develop your own preferences.

My goal is to provide you with the baseline of knowledge you will need to create a path toward your own perfect, delicious cup.