OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review

With high-quality gear like the OXO Coffee Grinder, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee, which we’ll talk about in this OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder review.

For many of us, getting through the day without coffee is not a possibility.

Whether it’s work, home, or friends’ gathering, there is no place where a great cup of coffee can’t fit.

If you are a coffee lover, a good quality coffee grinder is a must for you.

A coffee grinder gives you total control over your coffee, so you can make it just the way you want.


  • Built-in scale
  • Gives more consistent results than a blade grinder
  • Brew up to 125 grams in one cycle
  • Multiple grinding modes
  • Coffee strength adjuster
  • Easy to detach and re-assemble


  • No grinding timer
  • Limited brewing capacity

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder lets you unlock the ultimate flavor from your coffee beans.

The product comes from a well-known USA-based brand, OXO, and sells more than 1000 different products under the home appliances category.

Keeping up with modern standards, it’s a smart machine that enables you to make a precise amount of coffee with its highly accurate measurement of the beans.

Whether you like a coffee drip, espresso, mild, or strong, you can make it just the way you want. It gives a consistent grind that extracts most of the flavor from your coffee beans.

The grinder has a stylish design keeping up with the modern trends that allows you to make a style statement of your own.

First introduced in 2015, the earlier version had similar features, except that it didn’t have a measuring scale.

A digital measuring scale is one of the significant upgrades that make coffee-making simpler and more consistent.

Compared to the model without the scale, it is slightly heavier. It also takes a bit more space.

Still, that’s a trade-off considering that you get such precise grinding results.

Who Is This Coffee Grinder For?

Given its specs, it is an excellent option for home kitchens. It’s got easy to use features with guaranteed durability. Therefore, you won’t need frequent repairs.

The measuring scale will also give a precisely measured brew, so it’s easier to repeat your coffee’s quantity and quality.

You can also prepare up to 12 cups at a time. So, it’s an excellent product to have in the kitchen if you like hosting your friends and family.

The consistency of the brew also makes it an appealing option for coffee houses.

Whether you want strong, mild, or espresso, you can digitally create the right mix every time.

On the other hand, if you’re rough at handling such equipment, it is possible to disturb the weight sensor calibration.

Thus, you will be better off with a simpler grinder.

If you like grinding your brew in bulk, there is relatively limited space in this model, so you’re also better off with something larger.

With the addition of a digital scale, the price also becomes a significant consideration.

So, unless you’re looking for a grinder for around 200 bucks, you should look for other cheaper options.

Lastly, if you like making coffee the traditional way, it’s not your grinder because it does everything digitally.

What’s Included?

Apart from the grinder, the box also includes three packs of coffee filters.

These are 100% chlorine-free, cone-shaped filters. They are extra strong, so they won’t burst easily.

Although this grinder works with coffee bean weight, it would have been better if there was a timer option built-in or otherwise. 

New coffee makers often struggle to understand the right amount of beans for a particular type of coffee.

Overview of Features

Let’s explore what you can expect from this coffee grinder.

  • Scale and Display

The OXO Brew Coffee Grinder comes with a digital scale that can measure your coffee beans.

There is a single dial panel allowing you to adjust brew weight.

 You can tare the scale for precise weights, so your brew quality measures in terms of weight rather than time.

It’s an innovative addition to the product. Plus, the display is quite large and clear, giving it an easy-to-use feel.

  • Modes

With the OXO Brew Grinder, you can operate in three modes. The first mode gives you a perfectly measured eight grams per cup brew.

Therefore, if you’re conscious about the right amount of coffee, this mode will provide exactly that every time.

Secondly, you can also pre-set the grams of beans as you want. It’s another precise measurement mode with a little bit more control over your coffee. 

Just rotate the weight knob and set it to the desired amount.

Lastly, there is a manual grinding mode. This mode lets you decide the amount of coffee.

So, whether you like it mild or strong, the OXO Brew enables you to create your perfect cup of coffee.

  • Brew Settings

There are 38 brew settings to choose from. You can go from extremely fine to coarse brew for the French press.

  • Weight and Size

The grinder weighs just 7.4 pounds, so it’s easy to store and take around. 

Even then, it’s slightly heavier than some of the competitor grinders that can grind similar or more amounts of coffee beans.

  • External and Internal Construction

There is a full stainless-steel body, so it’s quite sturdy. Also, it has UV blocking tinted containers.

The DC motor design prevents it from overheating, and there are less repair and maintenance to worry about.

The DC motor runs at low or high torque settings.

There are 40 mm SS conical burrs to grind for a start, according to the fineness of the brew.

Also, there is a trap door that prevents beans from spilling when you remove the hopper.

There is also a hopper with a lid. You will also see a removable upper burr that’s quite useful for easy cleaning. Most importantly, all parts are washable.

  • Voltage

The grinder works with 110/120 Volt outlets, so it pretty much limits its market to places with 220 Volt supplies.

Hence, it’s a bit of a drawback considering the wide range of specifications that it offers.

How to Use the OXO Coffee Grinder

The product is relatively simple to use. A tutorial is generally useful to understand the basic operations and how you can take care of this grinder.


If the OXO product doesn’t meet your specific needs and wants, here are some other options worth considering:

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Burr Mill

Considering that this grinder can make up to 12 cups, it’s not ideal for more significant commercial applications.

The Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind is a good alternative if you wish to brew more coffee at once, as it can brew up to 38 cups at a time.

In terms of brand recognition, Cuisinart is also a well-known and established brand, as both OXO and Cuisinart are based in the USA.

Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Many users prefer timers for accurate brewing. Since there is no timer in the OXO grinder, the Baratza Virtuoso grinder serves the purpose quite well.

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Review: The Verdict

Our OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder review suggests a quality product for a grinder under 200 bucks.

If you’re fond of innovative designs and technology, this grinder can be an excellent option for your kitchen.

Thanks to its weight-based brewing, it can give you more expertise in predicting the coffee strength and type based on the amount of brew.

Although it may be a pricier option, the OXO Brew Grinder has obvious competitive advantages because of its all-in-one design and ease of use.


OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder









  • Built-in scale
  • Gives more consistent results than a blade grinder
  • Easy to detach and re-assemble


  • No grinding timer
  • Limited brewing capacity

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